Alfresco Activiti – Overview of BPMN Suite

In December, we highlighted the Alfresco announcement of the new Activiti BPMN Suite, a new web interface that runs on the Activiti engine that allows users to design workflows on the fly and to share them with different users with different levels of permissions. We sampled the BPMN Suite using a 30 day trial at Since then, Alfresco released an early version of the enterprise version of the suite, which we installed on our servers for a test run. The video below highlights the various features of the Activiti BPMN Suite using a sample Publishing Request workflow.

The overview includes:

  • A look at the BPMN and step editors
  • Configuring custom forms
  • Creating an “app,” which is a way to group workflows and share them with different users and groups
  • Completing a workflow in the new interface