Documentum Migration to Alfresco – Best Practices – Webinar February 26th

More and more decision makers are choosing to migrate from legacy ECM repositories, such as Documentum, to Alfresco.  Whether to gain the advantage of better performance and additional capabilities or as part of an ECM consolidation effort, migrating from a legacy system to Alfresco doesn’t necessarily have to be a complex and difficult process.

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Technology Services Group (TSG) is the recognized leader in migrating clients from Documentum to Alfresco.  OpenMigrate, a TSG open source migration product, has been downloaded thousands of times and used successfully in countless Documentum migrations.  This webinar will present TSG best practices and case study experience developed over almost 20 years of assisting clients with Documentum migration efforts.  Case studies and best practices will address:

  • Migration Strategies – Whether a big bang, delta, pilot, rolling migration or combination approach, multiple migration strategies and approaches will be presented and compared.
  • Unique Documentum migration concerns including Folders, Versions, Security, Lifecycles, Renditions, Annotations, Watermarks and Virtual Documents and how they can be successfully transitioned to Alfresco.
  • Unique Documentum Legacy support concerns including migrating from unsupported 4.X, 5.X and 6.X repositories.

Please join us on February 26th at 12:00 EST – Webinar Signup

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