Documentum or Alfresco – HPI support for Brava

TSG is excited to announce recent support for Brava from Informative Graphics within HPI. 

We (TSG) are very excited for the new HTML5 Client version.  As presented below, Brava can now be launched from HPI for either our Alfresco or Documentum clients.

For Documentum Clients

As readers here know, Documentum announced discontinued support for PDF Annotation Services back in April of 2014.  Brava has always been a leading add on for Documentum customers.  Brava provides more than just PDF annotations as well as a vendor committed to supporting their product going forward.

For Alfresco Clients

Brava has typically been available for only Alfresco Share customers.  With the addition of HPI support, Alfresco customers using Brava can now choose between Share or HPI for annotation, redaction or other Brava features.


Brava clients can now leverage HPI for a robust case management interface from either Documentum or Alfresco.  If you are on a modern browser, take a look at their online demonstration located here: