HTML5 Forms – Introducing Active Wizard’s Next-Generation Interface

TSG is happy to announce our next-generation Active Form 5.1 module in Active Wizard, which uses HTML5!  Active Form is the module in Active Wizard that allows users to fill out forms utilizing an easy to use “Turbo Tax” approach to complicated forms.  In Active Form 4.0, we used Adobe Flash as the primary interface GUI.  While this was a great approach in 2009, Adobe Flash caused Active Form to behave in a less than ideal manner on mobile devices (Android) or in some cases, not at all (iOS).  With this next iteration, we rely on the power of HTML5 to continue to provide a clean, easy to use interface that retains all of the benefits of the older module, while also allowing users to fill out forms on a mobile device.

Another great feature of Active Form 5.1 is the concept of the repeating table group.  This allows users to enter repeating information using a single page interface.  In prior releases, Active Form relied on a concept called the “repeating page”.  A question on the page essentially asked the user: “Do you want to add another?”.  Selecting ‘Yes’ caused the page to repeat, while selecting ‘No’ ended the repeating sequence.  While this approach worked, it was cumbersome for users.  In Active Form 5.1, we boil this whole process down into a repeating table:

AW HTML5 - Repeating Table

TSG is excited about our latest release and we look forward to adding many more features in the upcoming months.  Check out the video below for a preview of the HTML5 version of Active Form and let us know what you think.  You can also watch the video in our Learning Zone by clicking here.