Alfresco Webinar – Benefits of a Rolling Migration versus a Big Bang – October 21st

When moving to Alfresco, many clients struggle with the cost and effort associated with a “Big-Bang” migration from their Legacy ECM system. In a “Big-Bang” scenario, all the content must be migrated to the new system during a very risky and expensive cutover weekend.  This Webinar will present:

  • A Migration overview – how migration is more than “dump and load”.
  • How migration requires more than just moving the content but also all the the users and applications that have been attached to the legacy repository over time
  • Difference between Simple and Complex migrations
  • How a Delta Approach can reduce timing and risk of a Big Bang Migration
  • Benefits of a Rolling Migration versus a Big Bang Migration

One TSG client opted to employ a rolling migration to address the issue with a big bang approach.  With the rolling migration approach:

  • The cost and effort of a large migration did not delay getting the benefits of the new system.
  • Only selective documents are migrated real-time when requested in a rolling approach.  Any surprises with the legacy ECM documents can be addressed by the existing team document by document rather than all documents at once.
  • The cutover weekend can be staged to involve limited users (and hence documents) to avoid the risk of a large cutover weekend.  No content is required in the new system on cutover.

Webinar will include a demonstration of a client’s rolling migration for illustration.  Webinar is a 1:00 EST Today – Recording available here.