Documentum or Alfresco – Redacting Sensitive Information with OpenRedact

As more business processes are being automated for storing and working with documents in ECM repositories, many companies are encountering a need to redact sensitive information in these documents. Solutions exist for doing the redaction such as Brava and Redact-it, but these solutions are expensive and difficult to support. TSG is proud to introduce OpenRedact, an open source web-based redaction tool for redacting sensitive information on documents stored in Documentum or Alfresco.

We recently had an insurance client ask us about the ability to black out portions of a scanned check that was stored in an ECM repository (in this case Alfresco). Their current business process is to include all documents related to a claim in a claim folder, but some of the documents pertinent to the claim contain personally identifiable information (PII) like a credit card number or checking account number. They were looking for a quick way to be able to remove any PII from the document, but continue to store this record in the repository without fear of a data breach leaking personal information. Leveraging our OpenAnnotate product, we were able to prototype and deliver a lightweight tool that allows users to quickly:

  • Draw a box over the sensitive information
  • Enter a reason for redaction
  • Save the redactions to permanently remove the sensitive information


Once the user clicks the “save” action, the scanned document is irreversibly altered in the repository with black boxes over the sensitive information. Be on the lookout for our follow up blog on OpenRedact for redacting content based on user permissions.  For example, perhaps an HR admin is able to see a user’s SSN on a form, but other user’s cannot.

2014-08-06 13_07_37-OpenRedact - Documentum or Alfresco Redaction - YouTube


Be sure to view our screencam that outlines the integration of OpenRedact with TSG’s HPI interface. OpenRedact can also be integrated into interfaces such as Documentum Webtop, D2, xCP, FirstDoc, CARA, or Alfresco Share.

We would love to hear your thoughts on this offering and how OpenRedact might work for your business process. Let us know in the comments below!