Documentum – EMC World 2014 – Momentum – Early Predictions

This week, May 5th through May 8th, EMC World and the smaller component for Documentum/IIG (Momentum) will again be in Las Vegas again at the Venetian.  TSG has attended all the U.S. Momentum’s since the 1996 inaugural event in Miami (18 and counting).  One of our more popular series are our thoughts in attending the event.  Look here next week for our thoughts throughout the conference. 

Documentum Momentum 2013 Recap

One of our more popular posts is our Momentum 2013 Recap.   Last year we were surprised as what seemed to the big announcement was the Enterprise Migration Appliance (EMA).   Last year, we thought the biggest push was toward solutions – a recap from our summary:

  • Energy and Engineering – We thought this solution was the most mature and was obviously developed with clients by consulting, particularly in Europe.  See our post on Day .5.  Major updates to D2 and xCP 2.0 coming and addition of Trinity to consulting team should help with more business knowledge to Documentum Consulting which has struggled in the past with this industry.
  • Life Sciences – This is the solution that seems to be getting the most amount of push from Documentum.  See our posts  in regards to Migration and Solution.  This is industry that struggles with both “good enough” and trust as mentioned earlier in this post. Additionally, this industry tends to be slower to implement a new solution due to the large validation efforts required with any new release.  Documentum will probably have to buy/invest in a significant marque client to see this industry move in mass to their solution.
  • Healthcare – Rick announced integration with Epic in the keynote for this industry.  We recently had a client in Health Care that discontinued using Documentum to move to Epic’s module for patient records.  We see ECM as an uphill climb here as most of the Healthcare systems have a module for records.  Some of the strengths of ECM, (check-in/check-out, security, enterprise search) are not necessary for Healthcare records.  We see this as an uphill struggle for Documentum as they can’t compete with Epic or others on the data portion of the solution which will dominate the decision process.
  • Public Sector and Insurance – both of these areas were pretty light in both the keynote and agenda so we will skip any analysis here.

Documentum Momentum 2014 Thoughts

The complete agenda for Momentum can be found here

Some initial thoughts:

  • More client presentations this year – a good thing to see.
  • Seems to be more Financial Services presentations (USAA, MassMutual, Bank of Montreal…) – something we might predict would be a newer area for Documentum to present solutions on.

We don’t expect much more in regards to products.  Would expect

  • D2 4.x
  • XCP 2.x
  • Webtop 6.8 (was promised 2nd half of year). Webtop 6.7 goes into extended support on 4/29/15

Some presentations on Monday but bulk of Roadmap and Rick’s keynote is Tuesday (lo0ks to be cloud focused) so stay tuned……