Enhancing Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1 – Summary of Series Posting

In preparation for our webinar with Alfresco on February 11th (recording has been posted) on how to enhance or extend Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1.  This post is the summary of a series of posts on how HPI 2.1 can work with Share.

Search and Document Display

As presented in this post, Alfresco Share, like other “do all” interface tools, can fit a wide variety of document management scenarios.   While Share provides a robust tool, users will often ask for simpler interfaces for their day to day business functions.    The post demonstrates the HPI ability to configure a “Trac” or “Group” to simplify processes (while reducing errors) by only providing access to object/folders/attributes relevant to that group.  This post demonstrated differences between HPI and Share for searching and document viewing .

View full post here – Enhancing Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1 – Search and Document Display

Folder Processing

Folder access, in the “do all” interface can often resemble Windows Explorer and give users the ability to add folders and documents easily.  “Do all” folder functions can often result in inconsistency in folder naming/location/metadata or other errors due to inconsistent use by different users of the system.

HPI presents a more process driven approach, again configured by “Trac”.  The article presented how folder properties, folder notes, folder actions, folder alerts, related documents  and send email functions are all unique to HPI Folder Processing.

View full post here – Enhancing Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1 – Folder Processing

Document Processing

Document access with Share is a full-function capability that displays a document in a preview window with access to Document Actions, Share Link, Properties, Workflow and Document Comments.

HPI presents a process driven approach based on a configurable “Trac” or business process.  Trac will restrict access (or creation) of certain document types.  All document actions are only available once the document is being viewed.  HPI leverages PDF renditions when available and provides several advanced features including side by side viewing, Annotation, Email Document, Document Alerts as well as Property edit capabilities while viewing the document.

View full post here – Enhancing Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1 – Document Processing

Workflow Processing

Activiti is a key component in both Share and HPI.  Alfresco Share exposes the robust capabilities of Activiti along with workflow templates and generic workflow completion interfaces.

HPI and Active Wizard workflow processing give Alfresco clients an option for automating workflow to drive from business scenarios.  This approach reduces user decisions and errors commonly found with an ad-hoc or static workflow template approach.  Business users benefit from a simplified interface with dynamic form and workflow capabilities.  The post demonstrated interfaces for workflow initiation as well as review/approval.

View full post here – Enhancing Alfresco Share with HPI 2.1 – Document Workflow