Documentum D2 being axed – Documentum City and the rumor mill

Documentum City posted on December 10th questioning “Is Documentum D2 headed for the deadpool?” and then “Documentum D2 is NOT going to the deadpool!” the next day.   This post will share our thoughts on both the articles and D2 in general.

Documentum City – Feeding the Rumor Mill

In classic rumor mill mode, the article began with

This morning we posted a tweet to ask if anyone had heard about Documentum D2 heading for the chop and judging by the many tweets, emails and phone calls which followed, most people didn’t believe it.

From looking twitter, it was all of 5, all saying no.

For some reason the release of EPFM from beta to limited availability was hinted at on of the reasons for changes to be afoot.  As we posted back at EMC World, EPFM was on Webtop, at least back in June, and was moving to D2.  Would think EPFM going to limited availability would be a good thing for D2.

The article suggests the xCP could replace D2 as well as quoting different sources that no one called to deny… until the next day.

Our view is this is just an attempt by Documentum City to get some webisite traffic moving to Documentum City after a pretty slow fall (“deadpool” was first post since September 18th).  Our view from EMC World 2013 and Documentum in general is that Documentum is looking for more revenue (and more products), not less.

Overall Thoughts – D2 isn’t going anywhere…Documentum’s Sales Driven Culture

Our initial D2 thoughts have always been that D2 was acquired to give IIG a chance to sell a new product as part of the sales driven culture at IIG.  In this manner, IIG can charge customers that often have an overabundance of Webtop seats.  If IIG had acquired D2 and renamed it Webtop 7.0, clients could have the new product included in their existing license with no new sale opportunity.

After a review of Documentum/IIG’s earnings last year – we still feel strongly that Documentum is looking for things to sell to existing clients and the upgrade to D2 (from Webtop) as well as the Life Sciences Suite are all things that generate new revenue for existing clients.

We also see more and more consulting in Documentum’s move to solutions that require consulting assistance.  Again, D2 will help give reasons to procure D2 implementation capabilities from IIG.

Let us know your thoughts below but, please, don’t feed the rumor mill 🙂