EMC Documentum buys Sitrof Technologies

New release on CMS Wire that Documentum had purchased Sitrof Technologies.  We have been predicting that EMC Documentum would continue to purchase additional consulting companies after the end of 2012 purchase of Trinity Technologies to bulk up the Utility practice.

From the article, it seems that Sitrof has been added to bulk up the Life Sciences solutions “is booming” according to John O’Melia.  From the life sciences presentation at EMC World, we were pretty sure that there weren’t many, if any, clients in production just yet so “booming” might be a slight exaggeration.  We had predicted that Documentum is hunting for additional revenue from existing clients and is becoming more of a services company  back in April.

Our Thoughts

In regards to Sitrof, we haven’t run into them much as they seem to be based more out of the New York/Philadelphia area.   From a little research online, it looks like Sitrof became a Preferred Partner back in May.  Overall, we aren’t that surprised given the big push for life sciences customers and D2 at EMC World that Documentum would look to purchase one of their partners.  We would expect additional purchases in other verticals (Government or Financial Services) next as Documentum continues to evolve into a services company.

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