Integrating Solutions in the Cloud with Alfresco

As our clients move to a cloud-based architecture one of the most significant benefits in deploying Alfresco is the ability to leverage its APIs and integrate it with complementary products providing complete solutions. The range of APIs within Alfresco is significant: CMIS, REST, JavaScript, Java Foundation, and JSR-168 Portlets. There are also several ways to extend the repository including developing sub-systems and creating new modules. There are several out of the box integrations Alfresco provides as well such as Ephesoft, Drupal, and Liferay.

Our implementation for United Cerebral Palsy of Chicago integrated Alfresco, Liferay, and Adobe to provide a learning and training system for persons with disability. Learn more about the particular interfaces used in the development from our earlier post that describes the authentication, communication, and search integrations between the products.


The cloud enables virtual servers to be setup and configured particularly for solution integration between applications, a luxury that is often not available with on-site deployments.

Please let us know your thoughts on how the cloud will help deliver better integrations and solutions.