NY Philharmonic Digital Archives – 2012 Alfresco Implementation of the Year

TSG’s work with the New York Philharmonic Digital Archives was recently named 2012 Alfresco Implementation of the Year.  We wanted to thank the team at the NY Philharmonic for giving TSG the opportunity to work with them and providing the vision of what the Digital Archives is today.  The digital archives provides a perfect example of how open source technologies can be leveraged to create a robust and scalable enterprise solution.  Using OpenMigrate for high volume content ingestion, OpenAnnotate for face tagging, Solr for faceted search, with Alfresco as the central repository make up the key architectural components driving its success.  We look forward to continue working with the New York Philharmonic as they innovate and expand the digital archives.

Although, the NY Philharmonic Digital Archives may not be considered your “typical” ECM client, best practices can be gleaned regardless of your industry vertical and content management needs.  Leveraging Alfresco as a content platform continues to be a prevailing theme, allowing the digital archives to easily expand with additional content types, metadata, and media formats.  All digital archive content is also accessible via REST-based services, which will allow other NY Philharmonic sites to easily incorporate digital archive content in future phases.

The Alfresco Case Study can be accessed here.

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