EMC World 2012 – May 23rd – What’s Next? ECM Documentum Family Roadmap – Aaron Aubrecht

With a slight Vegas headache, squeezed into the Documentum Family Roadmap session this morning.  This post will present the details.

Similar to other sessions, the overall family roadmap began with

Configurable Clients

  • D2
  • MyDocumentum

Customizable/Composable (is this a word?)

  • Process Centric – Documentum xCP
  • Content Centric – Webtop

Aaron emphasized that Webtop is not dead, not going anywhere and IIG will continue to support it but D2 and XCP are the targeted future platforms.

A question came up from the audience about “Why didn’t you buy Cara instead of C6?”    Aaron stated that the configuration of D2 differentiated it from any other product.  The ability to have configuration drive front-end changes can significantly improve upgrades and overall return on investment.

Fixed Release Cadence

One great point that Aaron brought up was that IIG is moving to a more fixed release cadence for products.  One nice overall theme of all the roadmap sessions was that the times for release were more consistent (6 months out) and the maturity of the releases (through the demonstrations) were further along than roadmap presentations last year.  We have a great deal of confidence that the three major items xCP 2.0 (Q3 2012), D2 4.0 (Q4 2012) and D7 (Q4 2012) should be completed on or near the proposed dates.

Aaron mentioned that they would have more of a cadence in releasing and upgrade on time.  Engineering might have to make compromises in regards to functionality to make release dates but would clearly communicate these updates.

Significant Dates

D2 4.0 – Q3 2012 – See D2 Presentations for additional information

Documentum Mobile 1.2 – Q3 2012 (still free) – will include IRM for Protected Documents

My Documentum for Desktop – 6.7.1 – Available Now

MyDocumentum for Outlook 6.7.1 Q4 2012 – Moving away from proprietary format – see related post

xCP 2.0 – Q4 2012 Documentum 7 – Q4 2012 – Lots of good information shared on session pooling and other performance improvements.

Support Timeframes

D6.5 – Released 7/08 – 8/12 enters extended support – 8/14 End of Life

D6.6 – Released 6/10 – 6/14 enters extended support

D6.7 – Released 4/11

D7.0 – Targeted Released Q4/12


Very consistent with other information presented in break-out sessions.

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