EMC World 2012 – May 22nd – Jeetu Patel and Rohit Ghai Keynote – A Roadmap for Transforming Your World

The Technical Keynote is on Tuesday this year.  Rohit is VP Products, Jeetu is CSO and CMO.  This post will present our notes and thoughts on the presentation. The presentation was very consistent presentation with Rick’s Keynote yesterday.

The presentation focused on business transformation through product innovation.  It was consistent with the message that the push for Governance from IT is not always in line with the needs of business users.  Similar to Rick’s keynote, the initial focus is on the verticle markets – Financial Services, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Transportation.

New User – patterns of work have materially changed.

Particular progress for the new user included:

  • Documentum D2 3.1  – 4.0 coming soon
  • Documentum Mobile 1.1 – 1.2 soon
  • Acquired Syncplicity – pushing as a platform for liberating information NOT in Documentum (mentioned SharePoint and Salesforce)

Presentation included a D2 Demo with a big push for widget control.  We’re slightly confused on how D2 addresses the “New User” as it seems more like a portal play, something that hasn’t really worked within the content management space in the past.

What’s Next – Mobile First

  1. Jeetu makes right point that it is not about pushing desktop functions to Mobile.  Not a porting exercise.  We would agree with this take.  Like the metaphor that the desktop is for “cooking” documents, the tablet and phone are used for dining and snacking.
  2. Big Data meets content and social collaboration – Jeetu is proposing that content management is moving from a browse metaphor (think folder navigation) to a search metaphore (think Google) to a recommend metaphor (think facebook).  We’d agree with the first jump but would disagree with the last jump to recommend.  Would disagree that clients are requesting for structured content managed and governed in tools like Documentum.

Note:  Seem to hear buzzwords every year – social collaboration, content analytics, twitter, facebook…..understand that IIG wants to get there but not sure that it is customer driven.


OnDemand – ability to get infrastructure up and running quicker

  • Managed by EMC Experts
  • 100% will move to a hybrid cloud model

What has EMC delivered

  • Documentum 6.7 OnDemand
  • Captiva 6.5 OnDemand
  • Document Sciences 4.1 OnDemand


  • Documentum D2 3.1 OnDemand
  • Documentum EPFM Solution
  • Documentum Quality and Manufacturing Solution for Life Sciences


  • Inter-Cloud IIG is working on a stack that is built for the cloud.

Pervasive Governance

A lot of energy here but few slides.

EMC Delivered

  • Kazeon 4.6
  • Records Management 6.7 New
  • Documentum Mobile 1.2 (IRM Support)
  • File Intelligence
  • Syncplicity

Transform your Business

Most important – how does it drive business transformation?  xCP 2.0  is not just for IIG but also for our partner ecosystem.

What EMC has delivered

  • Documentum 6.7
  • Documentum xCP 1.6

What’s New

  • Documentum EPFM Solution
  • Documentum Quality and Manufacturing Solution for Life Sciences

Big Data Play

Big Data Enabled Solutions.  Would like to almost have a SAAS Solution App Store but know they need an ecosystem.  Focused on SAAS solutions and making them available OnDemand.  Can be provisioned in the cloud in a app store.  Will rely more on partner domain expertise.  45 solutions from 31 Partners.  xCP 2.0 infrastructure build out with the help of select partners to build real solutions on top of the platform.

  • CapGemini (hence Nick in Rick’s keynote yesterday) – will be Case as a Service.  Public Sector Play.
  • Beach Street Consulting – Contracts Management
  • Tritek – Loan Services

What will happen in 2012?

Documentum 7 – first mention during the conference.  Will include:

  • 8x TCO Improvement
  • Private-Cloud Optimized
  • Enhanced Security and Compliance

Documentum xCP 2.0

  • Rapid Application Composition
  • Big Data Enabled
  • Private-Cloud Optimized
  • Enhanced User Experience

Captiva 7.0

  • Unified Operator UI
  • Unified Designer

Improved Classification Accuracy Documentum Solution Suite for Life Sciences

  • Submissions
  • Trial Master

Quick Summary

  • 23 Product and Solution Releases.
  • 45 EMC Certified Solutions
  • Life Sciences Re-energized
  • Cloud Deployment – all options (Hybrid, Private and Public)
  • Mobile Expedited

Push again about Productivity and Security Syncplicity Demo Presentation ended with a demonstration from Syncplicity

Overall Thoughts

Jeetu and Rohit have an interesting presentation challenge in that they have to tie their roadmap to the actual product releases as well as buzzwords from EMC.  Buzzword bingo for this presentation included transform, cloud (public, private, hybrid), collaboration, social and mobile just to name a few.

Good things we saw:

  • Consistency with previous years EMC World
  • Continued development of mobile client
  • Continued capabilities in OnDemand – Cloud
  • Life Sciences – First Momentum in years with something specific for Life Sciences – would anticipate that D2 has helped pursue this solution.

Some Challenges

  • Connecting “New User” to D2  (need to get that mobile play in there)
  • Life Sciences – as a group that has been long-term Documentum users and have lived through DCM and esubmission previous product offerings.

What we didn’t hear but heard about in years past

  • MyDocumentum
  • SharePoint

Let me know your thoughts below.

5 thoughts on “EMC World 2012 – May 22nd – Jeetu Patel and Rohit Ghai Keynote – A Roadmap for Transforming Your World

  1. “… as it seems more like a portal play, something that hasn’t really worked within the content management play in the past.”

    Would you be able to provide some further insight into this? – e.g. I have always wondered why Documentum Portlets were discontinued.


    • I think the portal issue was more just an overall portal market thing. Remember when portals were a big deal, doesn’t seem like they were ever really successful. SharePoint comes along as well and introduces yet another portal. Internet SAAS options that are portals – just too many options for any one platform, particularly from an ECM member, to really be successful.

      We were talking about it between sessions, just seems like a technology users would like for a bit but wasn’t worth the investment.


  2. A couple questions about the Mobile.

    1) Is it still free?
    2) Do you have to be VPNed in to the network if you don’t want to expose your environment outside of a firewall?

    • Anhtuan –

      1) Can confirm that it is still free (just mentioned in a roadmap session this morning)
      2) Do need some type of VPN if Documentum Applicaiton server is behind firewall


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