Digital Asset Management using CMIS – Adobe Drive and Alfresco

TSG recently worked with a client with requirements to store Adobe InDesign files within Alfresco.  Adobe InDesign allows for the design and creation of various page layouts for print or digital distribution.  Pages may be comprised of various components, including fonts, images, videos, and audio.  Hence, a single InDesign file may be contain a single page layout, with pointers to multiple source files from various locations.

Working with Adobe InDesign files is very similar to working with CAD files.  In the Documentum world, various software and consulting companies developed client-based utilities or add-ons to AutoCAD or Microstation to allow management of files within a Documentum repository.
Adobe provides a free download, Adobe Drive, which can be used to interface with Alfresco via the CMIS standard.  Adobe Drive can be accessed via  the operating system file browser, through Adobe Bridge, or via the menus of Adobe Creative Suite products including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and InCopy.  CIFS, WebDAV or potentially even FTP could also be leveraged as well.
By leveraging the CMIS standard, basic versioning, version history, and comments and provided by the integration.  Custom properties could potentially be leveraged as well if configured in Alfresco.
Adobe Drive can be downloaded here.