Open Source Scanning For Documentum and Alfresco – Introducing OpenCapture

Over the years, TSG has worked with many different clients on projects that utilize a scanning tool to ingest content into a repository.  While products like InputAccel and Kofax are great, especially when dealing with centralized, large volume or bulk scanning models,  many clients desire a more quick and seamless approach that utilizes the web and cost-effective scanners for decentralized scanning environments.

TSG is proud to announce our first open source scanning solution for both Documentum and Alfresco – OpenCapture!

OpenCapture is a configurable web-based application that allows users to easily scan and upload documents directly into a content repository.  A simple interface provides intuitive user controls for scanning documents, performing image manipulations such as rotations and crops, and setting metadata.   Available metadata fields for document indexing can be configured based on the document type.

OpenCapture can be directly launched from Documentum Webtop and Alfresco Share.  The system detects the user’s current folder location and automatically uploads content to this location.  Once the scanning process is complete, the user can return right back to the view from which OpenCapture was initially launched.

OpenCapture uses the Dynamsoft Dynamic Web TWAIN ActiveX control to interface with the scanner hardware.  This allows users to control the scanner and manipulate images all without using separate scanner software.  The ActiveX control also removes the need to have the user upload scanned content to the application server before indexing to the Documentum or Alfresco repository.  The result is a seamless solution that takes the user from scanning and image manipulation to indexing to the central repository in one web-based interface.

To see demos of scanning documents for both Documentum and Alfresco, check out OpenCapture in the TSG Learning Zone!

27 thoughts on “Open Source Scanning For Documentum and Alfresco – Introducing OpenCapture

  1. Hi We are trying to evaluate your product OpenScan But when we are trying to call the OpenScan through our browser it throws a Error saying that please support us


    org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name ‘openScanConfig’ defined in ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/config/openscan-core.xml]: Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: org.apache.commons.jxpath.JXPathContext.selectNodes(Ljava/lang/String;)Ljava/util/List;

  2. It looks like you must have a conflicting commons-jxpath jar file in your classpath somewhere. OpenCapture requires the commons-jxpath-1.3.jar file that is located in the WEB-INF/lib folder. If you have a conflicting version of the commons-jxpath on your classpath somewhere, for example in Tomcat’s common lib folder, you would get this error.

  3. Hi, I am trying to use your product OpenScan but when i call the OpenScan in my browser it throws an error:

    type Exception report


    description The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


    javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet.init() for servlet openscan threw exception

    root cause

    org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name ‘openScanService’ defined in ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/config/openscan-core.xml]: Cannot resolve reference to bean ‘connectionService’ while setting bean property ‘connectionService’; nested exception is org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name ‘connectionService’ defined in ServletContext resource [/WEB-INF/config/openscan-core.xml]: Instantiation of bean failed; nested exception is java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/tsgrp/dfi/DfiException

    Do you know what can be wrong?

    Yan Duarte.

  4. Yan,

    From your error message it looks the the problem is that something is wrong with the connectionService bean definition. Can you double check that the connectionService bean is defined in the WEB-INF/config/openscan-core.xml file? Perhaps that bean definition was accidentally removed or commented out?


      • Yan,

        Your config looks correct. We’ve never seen this problem before, so I’m not sure exactly what the issue is. From your error message, it looks like it’s not creating the connectionService bean correctly. What application server are you using to deploy OpenCapture? Can you verify that the WEB-INF/lib and WEB-INF/classes folders deployed correctly and contain all of the files from our website download zip?


      • Hello George,

        When i put the war files into the folder “…/tomcat/webapps/” and restart the tomcat application, Tomcat Web Application deploy automatically, after that i try to enter in browser with http://localhost/OpenScan and the error appears.
        I tried to do the deploy uploading the war file in the tomcat manager too, and get the same situation.

        I checked the files in OpenScan/WEB-INF and down in this message i put a tree of the folders.

        There is one thing that i have questions.

        There are two links to download OpenCapture, one for the application and other for the documentation.
        When i get the application and unzip it, there are OpenScan and OpenContent war files. There is nothing Inside OpenScan.war and when i try to put it on my server nothing happens.
        The other download link (documentation) has a folder of documentation and other folder with the same 2 war files (OpenScan and OpenContent), this OpenScan is the one that ‘works’, there is archives inside it, but when i try to open it in the browser i get the error message

        The question is: The right war file to use is the one that is inside of documentation download?

        Tree of content of WEB-INF folder:
        –> classes
        |—-> config-details.xml
        |—-> config-picklists.xml
        |—-> config-scanner.xml
        |—-> config.xml
        –> config
        |—-> openscan-core.xml
        |—-> openscan-project.xml
        |—-> openscan-spring-config.xml
        –> jsp
        |—-> docProperties.jsp
        |—-> header.jsp
        |—-> login.jsp
        |—-> main.jsp
        |—-> prelude.jspf
        |—-> scanDocument.jsp
        |—-> sessionTimeout.jsp
        |—-> setupError.jsp
        |—-> unsupportedBrowser.jsp
        |—-> uploadSuccessful.jsp
        –> lib
        |—-> activation-1.1.jar
        |—-> activation.jar
        |—-> All-MB.jar
        |—-> ant-contrib-1.0b3.jar
        |—-> aspectjrt.jar
        |—-> avalon-framework-4.2.0.jar
        |—-> axiom-api-1.2.7.jar
        |—-> axiom-dom-1.2.7.jar
        |—-> axiom-impl-1.2.7.jar
        |—-> axis2-adb-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-adb-codegen-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-ant-plugin-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-clustering-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-codegen-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-corba-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-fastinfoset-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-java2wsdl-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-jaxbri-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-jaxws-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-jaxws-api-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-jibx-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-json-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-jws-api-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-kernel-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-metadata-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-mtompolicy-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-saaj-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-saaj-api-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-spring-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> axis2-xmlbeans-1.4.1.jar
        |—-> backport-util-concurrent-3.1.jar
        |—-> batik-all-1.6.jar
        |—-> bfopdf.jar
        |—-> certjFIPS.jar
        |—-> cglib-nodep-2.1_3.jar
        |—-> commons-beanutils-1.8.0.jar
        |—-> commons-codec-1.3.jar
        |—-> commons-codec-LICENSE.txt
        |—-> commons-collections-3.2.1.jar
        |—-> commons-configuration-1.6.jar
        |—-> commons-fileupload-1.2.jar
        |—-> commons-fileupload-LICENSE.txt
        |—-> commons-httpclient-3.1.jar
        |—-> commons-httpclient-LICENSE.txt
        |—-> commons-io-1.4.jar
        |—-> commons-io-LICENSE.txt
        |—-> commons-jxpath-1.3.jar
        |—-> commons-lang-2.3.jar
        |—-> commons-logging-1.1.1.jar
        |—-> commons-logging-LICENSE.txt
        |—-> configservice-api.jar
        |—-> configservice-impl.jar
        |—-> core-renderer.jar
        |—-> dms-client-api.jar
        |—-> fop-0.94.jar
        |—-> iText-2.0.8.jar
        |—-> jaxb-api.jar
        |—-> jaxb-impl.jar
        |—-> jaxen-1.1.1.jar
        |—-> jazzy-core.jar
        |—-> jdbc2_0-stdext.jar
        |—-> jdom.jar
        |—-> jsafeFIPS.jar
        |—-> json.jar
        |—-> jsr173_api.jar
        |—-> jstl.jar
        |—-> junit.jar
        |—-> log4j.jar
        |—-> mail-1.4.jar
        |—-> mail.jar
        |—-> mthdservlet.jar
        |—-> neethi-2.0.4.jar
        |—-> OpenContentCoreClient.jar
        |—-> open-overlay.jar
        |—-> OpenScan.jar
        |—-> regex4j.jar
        |—-> regexp.jar
        |—-> saxpath.jar
        |—-> spring.jar
        |—-> spring-webmvc.jar
        |—-> standard.jar
        |—-> tsgrp.jar
        |—-> wsdl4j-1.6.2.jar
        |—-> wstx-asl-3.2.4.jar
        |—-> xmlgraphics-commons-1.2.jar
        |—-> XmlSchema-1.4.2.jar
        |—-> xtrim-api.jar
        |—-> xtrim-server.jar
        –> openscan-servlet.xml
        –> tags
        |—-> autocompleteTextInput.tag
        |—-> beanForm.tag
        |—-> calendarTextInput.tag
        |—-> cascadingDropdown.tag
        |—-> searchForm.tag
        –> tlds
        |—-> tsg-web.tld
        –> web.xml

        6 directories, 118 files

      • Yan —
        The file listing you posted looks correct for the OpenScan war. From comparing what you have with what is currently available on our site, you may just want to grab a clean download — it looks like your webapps might have just been unzipped to the wrong locations.

  5. Hi

    I’m also having the same problem. Did you find any solution to this.


  6. Pathum,

    For the two issues above, it appears the the first (method not found) is caused by a conflicting commons-jxpath-1.3.jar on the server’s classpath. For the second, it appears that somehow the download was corrupted and the solution was to grab a clean copy from our download page.

  7. I’m still waiting for a final settlement, there are two packages in the repository,
    1 – Documention – Error creating bean with name ‘openScanService’ defined in ServletContext resource [/ WEB-INF/config/openscan-core.xml]
    2 – Alfresco – Error: Exception fixing docBase for context [/ OpenScan] error in opening zip file at (Native Method)
    at ( 127)
    at java.util.jar.JarFile. ( 135)
    at java.util.jar.JarFile. ( 72)

    • Raimundo, please make sure you have a valid war file and be sure to deploy it to the correct location (ex: webapps folder in Tomcat). Are you trying to deploy OpenCapture for Documentum or Alfresco?

  8. Is there any chance that OpenCapture will be updated to work with Alfresco 4.x? It seems like it is the best solution out there for my needs.

    • Greg, since TSG is a consulting firm, we upgrade and improve our products as part of client projects as well as internal efforts, with client work taking precedence. If you would like to get OpenCapture working with Alfresco 4.x, you have a few options:

      1) Engage with TSG to implement connectivity to Alfresco 4
      2) Like all our products, OpenCapture is open source – you can download the source and make the necessary updates. Of course, we would love for you to contribute your updates back to us!
      3) We have this effort on our internal todo list, so it will be done at some point. But as I mentioned above, our client work take precedence, so most likely it will be done when a client project requires it.

  9. Hi George,

    thanks for your reply. Can you also tell me where can I find the connector for Alfresco? I have got openContent and openCapture but the documentation mentions another set of files with folders webscripts etc. I cannot find them anywhere in the file downloaded from SourceCode page. Is the Alfresco share connector not available anymore or have I just missed it somewhere?

    • Greg,

      The Share connector wasn’t fully tested before we released the Beta for OpenCapture on our downloads page, so that’s why it’s not included. If you want to take a look at it, you can fill out our license agreement here: and we’ll give you access to the source. I’m out of the office today, but I should be able to get you access on Monday.

  10. Hi, I am using alfresco community 4.2c, exists an alfresco share connector for this version?

  11. Hi guys just installed HPI and wonder what the User and password default. Where can I set?

    • Sergio,

      HPI uses the underlying repository, so when you’re on the login page, enter credentials for an Alfresco user (or Documentum user depending on your ECM platform).


      • Thanks for the feedback.
        My Alfresco User is “admin” and password “admin”, this data inform the HPI login but invalid login error occurs. Where should I configure the HPI to recognize the user of Alfresco, I followed the instuctions installation file, please help me.


      • Sergio – HPI uses OpenContent to connect to the repository. Make sure you have HPI configured to point to the correct OC base URL (in Then, check the log files for both HPI and OpenContent.


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