What’s New and What’s coming in the Documentum Platform

John McCormick gave the initial presentation at EMC World for the IIG (Information Intelligence Group).    While the presentation won’t be posted, some highlights on the “unofficial” roadmap included:

  • Q2 ’10 – D6.6 – Will be around Taskspace and Cloud Storage
  • Q3 ’10 – XDB
  • Q4 ’10 – DSS 1.0 – Dynamic Search Services – Built on XDB and Lucene
  • Q1 ’11 – D6.7 – License Management
  • Q2/Q3 – ’11 – D7 – Next Generation – Case Management Platform

A significant portion of the discussion focused on xCP and the concept of Case Management.   Our TSG thoughts were that this continues to be EMC’s push for BPM and the related products.  We would anticipate that BPM would leverage more and more DFS web services as the product moves forward.  Case Management will introduce the idea of a “smart” folder/container (case folder) with D7 and xCP 2.0. 

For Webtop users, John stated that Webtop would move through 6.6, 6.7 as well as the D7 release and would still be based on WDK.    Moving forward, John recommended:

  • Library Webtop Functions – Migrate eventually to CenterStage
  • Transaction Driven Workflow – Migrate eventually to xCP.

Overall – we still have concerns in regards to development environments with Webtop, xCP…. EMC seems to still want to control the development environment and our clients have struggled with interface/development environment releases.   Webtop/WDK, Centerstage/DFS, BPM/TaskSpace, CMIS….Choosing which development platform and upgrade decisions will continue to be a struggle for users.

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