OpenSearch support for Documentum

OpenContent (TSG’s ECM Web Services Layer) and OpenSearch now share more than a similar name.  The original OpenSearch 1.0 specification was released in March 2005, and was developed by Amazon.  OpenSearch is a collection of technologies that allow publishing of search results in a format suitable for syndication and aggregation.  Using OpenSearch standards allow search results to be consumed by a variety of services.

We recently had a client inquire about the ability of OpenContent to run queries that return results in the OpenSearch format.   In this particular instance, the client was utilizing Carrot2, a “Search Results Clustering Engine” which allows a variety of search sources be searched from a single portal.  Utilizing OpenContent’s REST web services, we were able to create a simple search service that takes in a search phrase, runs the query against a Documentum full-text repository, and returns the results in an OpenSearch compliant feed to be consumed by Carrot2.

Creating an OpenSearch compliant feed also allows us to use the search bar available in modern browsers such as IE8 and Firefox to perform a search of the content repository.  This support provides another great way to quickly search for content within the Documentum repository, the same way you might search other search engines like Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, or EBay.

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