Creating Active Wizard Forms Outside Documentum – AWLite

Clients who use the Active Wizard for forms and workflow systems often wonder if third party users or other users outside Documentum can participate in the form creation process.  With our new Active Wizard Lite (AWLite) product, it is now possible for non-Documentum users can easily fill out dynamic Active Wizard forms!

We’ve seen the following scenarios over the past few months:

Anonymous External Users

One of our current Active Wizard clients is now using AWLite for filling out building permit application forms.  Any user with internet access can fill out an Active Wizard form through AWLite on the client’s website.  The potential user base is unknown, so it makes sense to fill out this form outside Documentum.  Since AWLite simply uses a file system and SQL database to store form data, the client does not need to grant anonymous access to Documentum.

Third Party Form Creation

Another Active Wizard client gathers data and supporting documents from an external third party agency to create forms.  Without Active Wizard Lite, communication bounces back and forth in order to gather the necessary data to create the form.  With AWLite, however, the third party users can simply fill out the form outside Documentum.  OpenMigrate is then used to move the data from the AWLite environment to Documentum, where the Active Wizard users can review the form, make any necessary changes and start the workflow:

Overall, TSG is very exited about our new Active Wizard Lite offering.  Benefits of using AWLite include:

  • Small back-end footprint – AWLite does not rely on Documentum. AWLite can simply use a server file system and a SQL-compliant database to store form data.  This back-end architecture is much easier to setup and maintain, and can be achieved using entirely Open Source software.
  • Licensing – in both of the cases above it did not make sense to add Documentum user licenses for the users creating forms.  By using AWLite, the clients avoid needing additional licenses, while also avoiding anonymous access to Documentum.
  • Next-generation interface – AWLite uses our next-generation user interface based on Adobe Flex.  The flex interface is easy to use, interactive, and cross-browser compatible.  Plus, AWLite behaves more like a desktop application – for example, server communication does not involve page refreshes and field validations happen in real time.

To see Active Wizard Lite in action, check out the Active Wizard Lite demo in the TSG Learning Zone!

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