OpenMigrate: Bulk Load Interface Available for Download

In the content management world, users often require an “all-in-one” interface to help them assemble batches of related documents, tag them with metadata , then import them into the underlying Content Management System.  Traditional web-based interfaces, such as Webtop or Web Publisher from Documentum, Explorer or Share from Alfresco, don’t offer this functionality out-of-the-box.

Could TSG’s OpenMigrate open source migration framework fit this need?

OpenMigrate is typically used in a batch mode, especially in high-volume situations.  And while the browser-based Administrator does allow for interactive configuration and execution of migrations, the actual tagging of documents with metadata is outside of its realm.

To bridge this divide, TSG is pleased to announce the availability of the new OpenMigrate Bulk Load Interface for download.

OpenMigrate Bulk Load Interface

The OpenMigrate Bulk Load Interface provides a highly configurable user interface which enables the user to easily manage documents and import them into a variety of targets.  The interface is built on top of the Spring framework making it extremely easily maintainable, customizable, and configurable.

To learn more about this versatile new entry in the OpenMigrate toolset, please visit